Bianchi Bikes
Bianchi are true legends of the road bike world – established in 1885 in Via Nirone in Milan, they are the world’s oldest bike brand. Bianchi have been at the forefront of bike technology for over a century, and it shows – their class, level of finish and attention details ouses out of every frame.

Cuda Kids Bikes
A range of lightweight kids bikes from 12” – 26” wheel, MTB to BMX all designed and scaled to fit young riders.

Giant Bikes
Giant was founded in 1972 with a mission: to create better bikes and improve the cycling experience. From the very start, innovation and manufacturing expertise set them apart and they are now the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world.

Merida Bikes
Merida is Taiwan’s second largest bicycle manufacturer after Giant. Like Giant, Merida produces bikes under its own brand name and also operates as a contract manufacturer for a number of well-known brands, the most notable being Specialized.

Endura Clothing
Endura Ltd was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1992 by a keen club cyclist (Jim McFarlane) after his return to Scotland from a 14 month stay in Sydney. Whilst living in Australia Jim had been entering the cycle portion of team triathlon events and, at one such event, had his kit stolen causing him to have to browse for a complete set of replacement kit. After a great deal of disappointment as to what was on offer he decided that upon his return to Scotland he would attempt to produce cycle clothing that was focussed on function and longevity without cutting corners on material and construction and this is the enduring ethos that still permeates throughout Endura today.

Galibier Clothing
Galibier creates fine, cutting edge cycle clothing. Our company’s sole philosophy is to design and produce high performance, long lasting bike wear. We only sell direct, removing the retail/distributor margin. Please compare our garments with those at DOUBLE the sales cost. Ride with us, safe and smooth.

Continental Tyres & Tubes
More than 100 years of experience in developing and producing bicycle tyres have created our outstanding image and also the quality you can enjoy every day !

Shimano are world’s leading brand of high end cycling components