2017 An Post Rás – Stage 6 (Liam Dolan)

The epic Glengesh Pass in Co. Donegal

Two more days to go and today was another EPIC. Cat 3 climb after 17k had everyone nervous but we rode it very steady. All was good then we turned almost 180degress and boom. 180 guys lined out & crosswind hammering us. I was losing wheels and couldn’t close gaps. Short bursts of speed are not my strength. The bunch was shredded to beats within 25k.

My group kept riding steady to the mighty Glengesh. I climb alright for a guy of 75kg but i was trying to stay with a few guys of 55kg ish, I lost. The descent and next 2 climbs were brutal. I was maxed for 20k trying to close up to a group in front. I took crazg risks on every corner, prayed to every god going & just buried myself. Sweat was pumping from me and heart rate was in the red. Was a do or die effort and eventually I got on. I wasn’t at the front of the race but a respectable group.

Another climb at 90 ish km mark & action kicked off again. Digging deep into the Phil Liggit “suitcase of courage”I got into a group of 20ish  and we rode steady to the finish. While we were 14mins down there was massive gaps behind us.

Am tired this evening. Our support team of Roseanna, Ray, Muireann & John are just top class. Getting off the bike is a joy as your fed, bags in hotel room etc. They even listen to our adrenaline fueled post stage rants.

Racing to Ardee tomorrow past my parents new home in Cootehill (shout out to CKR). Should be good crowds in Ardee, hopefully plenty of green from the Cuchulainn CC, undoubtedly the finest club in the country. Best of all my good lady wife Annette will be there, Sooty my dog might even make an appearance.  Really looking forward to seeing them.