2017 An Post Rás – Stage 5 (Liam Dolan)

Liam’s beloved Bianchi Oltre XR4 gets some TLC from Ray.


What a day 181km of hard riding. First 50k was ok to Letterkenny big roads and relatively comfortable (i emphasis relative). After 50k the proverbial hit the fan. We were lined out on narrow roads as we approached 2 climbs in quick succession.

The climbs were suppose to be both Cat 3, well all I can say is “cat 3 me hole”. They were brutal with the 50kg Ozzy boys storming up them. Once down the other side after some  vision blurring chasing I was in the 2nd group on the road within 60sec of the front of the race along with all the leaders jerseys.

Then we just stopped riding and the buncb came back to us. Next 80k was sold riding with a lot of line outs. The heat was intense & i was begging for bottles. Also dropped an energy bar. The head wind at this stage was intense also.

30km to go I got away with 4 others, we worked & I thought the race would let us go. No such luck, wd got caught with 10k to go. I feel very frustrated with the last 2 stages, I’ve been going better than the results suggest but none of my groups stick. Still 3 days hard riding to go.

Digs tonight is very fancy, B&B above a pub. You couldn’t even fit a dead cat in our room let alone share it. They crammed 3 single beds in here, with a good inch between them.

John Fitz had a day to forget with a crash & broken forks. He fought on bravely & made it home just in time.