2016 An Post Rás – Stage 6 (Liam Dolan)

Gorgeous Shot of the Rás passing through Cork today, courtesy of karen m. ‏@eddie_km

Gorgeous Shot of the Rás passing through Cork today, courtesy of karen m. ‏@eddie_km

Today was a relatively “easy” day in The Rás. A few crashes early on saw a bit of chasing back on. The roads were narrow,  badly paved and rolling. The real action happened on the 2nd categorised climb at the 95k mark. It was a cat 3 but the grading system seems to be a bit arbitrary in the Rás with 3, 2 or 1 not making much of a difference.

Anyway the climb was steep long and very narrow. The Team Ireland car knocked a rider off at the bottom which caused greater stress. I thought i was doing well on the climb, moving up. However by the time i crested the summit i was just off the front selection. We chased without massive commitment for a few km. By the time the dust settled i was in a bunch with a fair few pros and all bar the 2 or 3 county riders who made the very front.

That was about the height of it today. I did smack my hand on a car rear view mirror as we sped through some town on our way to Dungarvan. So out from the riding the bike what else goes on in the Ras. When not chewing the handlbars you are generally eating or resting. After the stage we have a hot meal straight away, thanks Christina. She has also already checked us into our rooms. Between then and dinner its shower, get your massage and rest up. You are also nibbling away on something and I’ll do a bit of stretching.

Dinner is about quantity and so far the appetite has been good, as has the food been served. Though hunger is a great sauce. After dinner i try to get as much stuff ready for the next day, make bottles, pin on  my numbers. Noel cleans the bikes while Christina organises the washing. I also read a lot and have a look at Twitter. I try to check the news to ensure the world hasn’t ended while i was absconded in the Ras bubble. Phone call with my good lady wife and possibly 1 or 2 others before lights out about 10.

Next morning up at 7ish and starting getting ready. Breakfast is always 2 bowls of porridge, scrambled eggs and 2 slices of bacon. My treat is a piece of white pudding. It KILLS  me refusing the amazing buffets in the morning. After that back to bed for a while then some more stretching before getting suited and booted. I try and get 20odd mins on the bike before we line up for the madness. Is all rather boring and varys so little, yet everyone on this travelling circus  loves it!